Video editing service

Some simple tweaks make all the difference!

Upgrade your content to business class!

Posting unedited video is a bit like going out without makeup or checking your hair. Unless you are really good at ‘One shot video’ (that’s a thing by the way), your videos can all do with a cut here and a tug there.

Brand your content

Viewers are lazy. If you don’t make it clear that it’s your content they’d simply consume it and you get nothing for the exchange. Let us help you with creating an intro and outro to lift your content above the standards of your competition!

Upgrade the quality of your sound

As far as we can, we remove noise and change the tone of sound to a richer and clearer sound than your smartphones can generally deliver.

Pleasant underlying soundtracks 

Creatively and intuitively adding music to a video makes all of the difference! We cannot stress that enough! Imagine watching a film without music. It would be flat and mostly void of the emotion of the occasion.

Online training portals

Besides our ability to create your videos, we can assist you with an entire managed package to get your product securely online, marketed, sold, and paid for. We stick to 4 best of breed apps that make this relatively easy, saving you thousands annually in licence fees.

Profiles and portfolios

Instead of the wonderfully crisp but often sterile studio type portfolio photos, we prefer capturing people in situ. For this, we can come to you. Our delightful lenses focus in the right places and blur backgrounds into pleasant bursts of color. Our cameras cope with any environment.

Example video – Client’s videos

In the example video below we have used existing clips, sent to us by the client, to create a packaged video incorporating the charity’s brand, text animations and loose imagery about the patients that they are helping.

Example video – Stock material

The marketing video below is made up entirely from stock material. The client supplied us with a script from which we recorded the voice over, constructed an entire video storyline, and added branding and text animations.

Managed marketing packages

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


We don’t deviate from a handful of carefully selected and thoroughly proven tools. By doing this we have become experts in the tools we use. Admittedly, this prevents us from supplying you a service if you require us to use tools outside of our chosen range. BUT, on the other hand you have access to a huge amount of the experience that we’ve gained in Divi, Infusionsoft and Adobe!


Any purist muso will certainly not be happy with poor sound on a video. Being musicians ourselves, we  know how to capture quality sound, and the equipment to deliver on it. Capturing musicians doing their thing is probably our most rewarding type of work!

Personal Trainers

Yes you guessed it! We are gym-rats who understand what it takes to film in a gym. That's how we stumbled accross this much needed service to trainers. We understand that there is fierce competition in your field and that you cant always be your own best marketer.

Filming your event

We understand that it's your event, not our video gig! We capture your story without getting in the way whatsoever! Our versatile cameras are tiny and their light sensitivity is world class. We won't arrive with bulky stands that take up space or create hazards for your guests.

Come up and see us!


Our 'offices'  are where great coffee and a busy buzz of people can be found! We work from Portsmouth, Gosport and Weybridge. We can of course come to you, assuming you have coffee!


We're not even sure 'weekend' is a thing? 

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