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 Experienced in filming events

Whether we are filming a wedding or a business event, we are always aware that it’s your event, not our filming opportunity. We strive to be out of the way. Of course that is not always entirely possible but we try our absolutely best at this.

Multiple sources

We’ll record with more than one device. There is no ‘take two’ opportunity when a couple has already said ‘I do’! Using multiple sources enables us to capture the best angle, best light and best moments.

Editing your content

We don't have to have filmed you to be able to help you get quality video. We can work with your material. Video editing is both a skill and an art. We have years of experience and know exactly where to find the right transition effect or little technique to erase blemishes in your clips.

State of the art equipment

Whether it’s your guests, your speakers or the bride herself in the case of a wedding, no one wants to be glared out by bulky bright lights at your event! Photographers might look quite pro with their flashes, adding to the excitement of the occasion, videographers can’t get away with the same. Our cameras can literally shoot in near darkness, and we can brighten things up in editing.

Quality sound

Recording moving targets in a noisy environment is tricky!  For this, we use separate stereo directional microphones. We strive to capture both the focus of the event itself as well as the reactions from the audience.

Example video – Client’s videos

In the example video below we have used existing clips, sent to us by the client, to create a packaged video incorporating the charity’s brand, text animations and loose imagery about the patients that they are helping.

Example video – Stock material

The marketing video below is made up entirely from stock material. The client supplied us with a script from which we recorded the voice over, constructed an entire video storyline, and added branding and text animations.

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