Affordable marketing packages

Photography, Video, Instagram, Facebook, Websites, Client portals


Video and Photography

Personal trainers work in a very visual industry. You sell image and health. There is no better way to present yourself than through quality videos and images! We make that obtainable, affordable and easy for you.

Managed social media service

Our small team includes a social media manager with years of experience at John Lewis and Waitrose. She now applies her knowledge to help small businesses achieve success, using social media.

Your website, brand and message

Fancy yourself a website like this one? We built this ourselves, entirely. We can help you with your brand, your message, with capturing leads and keeping them warm untill they buy from you!

Paid revenue for your knowledge, online

Tired of getting paid only for the hours you work? Turn your new website into your own knowledge portal. Let’s say 60 clients pay you a tenner per month for knowledge that you place on video or training pages. Conservative example, I know, but go on you do the maths!

Online training portals

Besides our ability to create your videos, we can assist you with an entire managed package to get your product securely online, marketed, sold, and paid for. We stick to 4 best of breed apps that make this relatively easy, saving you thousands annually in licence fees.

Editing your content

We don't have to have filmed you to be able to help you get quality video. We can work with your material. Video editing is both a skill and an art. We have years of experience and know exactly where to find the right transition effect or little technique to erase blemishes in your clips.

Managed marketing packages

Coffee Bean



Coffee Bean



Coffee Bean



We don’t deviate from a handful of carefully selected and thoroughly proven tools. By doing this we have become experts in the tools we use. Admittedly, this prevents us from supplying you a service if you require us to use tools outside of our chosen range. BUT, on the other hand you have access to a huge amount of the experience that we’ve gained in Divi, Infusionsoft and Adobe!

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